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About the Klondike Gold Rush

In 1896, George Carmack, Skookum Jim Mason and Dawson Charlie discovered gold in a small stream called Rabbit Creek, which branched from the Klondike River. Due to the extreme isolation of the area, word did not reach the rest of the continent until 1897, which caused over 100,000 migrants to leave their homes and businesses… Read more »

How to Identify a Gold Digger

Sometimes, a gold digger can be difficult to spot, but we’ve got you covered. Keep those wallets close and closed when a few of these red flags go up. You work hard for that dough and deserve to reap the benefits. Here’s how to spot someone who is only in it for your stacks! They… Read more »

Gifts to Get Your Dog

Who runs your house? Your dog or your dog? It’s their world, and we’re just livin’ in it. Man’s best friend only deserves to be treated like the kings or queens they are. These guys sleep in your bed, snack on your food, and you can’t help but to love every minute of it. You… Read more »

Some Go-To Jokes to Keep in Your Back Pocket

Be the funny friend! Or maybe settle for the corny friend. These jokes might not make your friends roll on the floor laughing, but they will laugh at how cheesy they are. And a laugh is a laugh, am I right? Want to boost your joke inventory? Check out what we have in store for… Read more »

The Differences Between Types of Beer

Not all beers are created equal. But do you know why? No? Great, glad you’re here! We’ve done our research *wink wink* to help you logistically figure out why some beers just don’t agree with your taste buds. This can be your next party trick when you and your friends go out for some brews…. Read more »

Obscure Road Trip Stops All Over the USA

Only in the USA! Road trips are cool, but if you’re just looking at the basic tourist sights you’re missing out. Take a ride on the wild side! Check out some of the strangest attractions across America. You won’t believe it until you see it!   Monkey Island, Florida This small island is inhabited by… Read more »

Best Holiday Movies

The ultimate feel good movies are holiday movies. There is something so comforting about watching the same movies every year. We have picked out a list of holiday masterpieces you have to watch this season. It truly is the best time of the year! The National Lampoons Christmas Vacation Deck the Halls The Holiday Love,… Read more »

Why Dogs are the Best

Man’s best friend didn’t get that nickname for no reason! Our furry friends always find a way into our hearts and become apart of the family. Not that you need a list telling you all the reasons dogs deserve our love, but we are always down to gush about our pups!   They are always… Read more »

Places to Visit in NC, Our Home State

  Beaches or mountains? You take your pick. North Carolina is a traveler’s dream from its beautiful coast to its one of a kind mountain scenery. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder visitors flock here from all across the country throughout all parts of the year to experience the scenic state. We wouldn’t… Read more »

Hilarious Charades Ideas

Charades has been a pastime for, well, forever. Charades has also been a way to communicate when you can’t find the words or you just took a big bite of your favorite food and words would ruin the taste. This game has taught us that sometimes words just aren’t enough. So, let’s step up charades… Read more »